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Innovation means the improvement of a process or a product, in terms of comfort, durability, sustainability, but also in terms of cost and cost optimization.

In the field of architectural and engineering design, smart cities are one of the most contemporary innovation paths to be taken: a set of urban planning strategies that is aimed at guaranteeing the well being of citizens and environmental sustainability. These goals are pursued by intervening in the efficiency of services and mobility, also thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Besides smart cities, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the most current examples of process change: it consists of a new working methodology, based on a shared use of the digital model. This facilitates the design, construction and process management; it also reduces costs, increases construction speed and minimizes the margin of error.  

Cost optimization is also pursued through the application of Value Engineering, an approach that is aimed at minimizing costs without reducing the performance.

All activities are carried out following the principles of  Project Management.

The team has the international certifications "Certified Project Management Associate IPMA®".

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